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Yamini Innovations (Swasthaayu) Wellness Nature Cure Center, Kashi


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What we do


Summery of What We Do

  1. To develop research projects, undertake clinical & experimental studies, field trials, observational studies. Translation of technology and research idea in all fields including medical science and agriculture field.

  2. Development of software, computer-programmes by using information technology, artificial intelligence and other novel innovations of all fields of engineering, computer modeling, epidemiological studies.

  3. Consultancy on all aspects, of pharmaceutical development & research. Product development production-unit designing, marketing, cultivation, conservation, propagation, germ plasma development, variety selection, genetic bar-coding, chemical and biochemical profiling of Ayurvedic drug, contract organic farming.

  4. Products development manufacturing & marketing of “khadi-gram udyog products”, natural products, synthetic molecules, allopathic medicine, food supplement etc.

  5. Consultancy in all fields starting from conceptualization of a project, strategic-planning for restructuring of sales, production-unit, product-development, evaluation of management-decisions, bridging between client and regulatory authorities, recruitment, for improving qualitative and quantitative performance of a project and pro-bono works in public sector, private sector and nonprofit clients.

  6. Publication and development of Report, Survey Studies, Audio-Visual programmes, book, journals, periodicals, newsletters, newspapers, posters, handbills in electronic media and print media.

  7. Contract research in field of medical and agricultural sciences, new drug development, biotechnological tools and field researches by using tissue culture, animal and humans experiments; formulation development, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, attaining the license and NOC from Govt. regulatory bodies, dossier writing, project writing, statistical evaluation, Clinical operations, data management and programming, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

  8. Teaching, training, skill development and research project-writing, paper-writing, organizing events, seminars, exhibitions, mela, functions, in India and abroad.

  9. Patient network, Translational medicine, clinical trail monitoring, data management, pharmaco vigilance, medical communication, Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), Epidemiological researches.

  10. Services to hospitals for patient care, human resource management, skilled staff, training and skill development of employees.

  11. Development and Supply of all kinds of products and material, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, seeds, plants by own production or manufactured in other companies on loan license and also by purchase and sale system, through our brand by all modes. Seed production, plant development, contract cultivation, harvest, storage, post harvest processing, value addition.

  12. Development of proteiomic biomarkers, antibodies, diagnostic-kits for early diagnosis of NCDs (Non communicable chronic diseases) in all biological fluids, strategies in pharma sector reducing costs of companies.