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Importance of Banaras in India and especially for Hindus; various aspects of Banaras , its many names and what makes it the cultural capital of India.

Archaeology, Mythology, Geography, and History of Banaras - its unique situation on Ganges, and its journey through the history of India, and quest to know what makes it oldest living city.

Religious Varanasi- Many religions, place and types of worship, a religious place and institutions. You will find that even Primitive worship cults are still practiced in this city. Discover the city of Buddha, Jain Tirthankars, Shiva and Vaishnava saints or Devoted saints like Kabir and Tulsi.

Arts, Crafts and Architecture of Banaras - You will be amused to see that Varanasi is a Museum architectural designs. It presents changing patterns and movements in course of history. It has a rich and original variety of painting and sculpture styles and equally rich treasures of folk art. During the ages Varanasi has produced master craftsmen and Varanasi has earned name and fame for its Sharees, handicrafts, textiles, Toys,, ornaments, metal work, clay and wood work, leaf and fiber crafts. With ancient crafts, Banaras has not lagged behind in Modern Industries.

Discover Ganga- the holiest of the holy river- its mythology, geography, socio- economic aspects, its monumental Ghats and their story and the present condition of pollution.

The Capital of all knowledge- Discover the most ancient seat of education in India World the famous scholars and their `Shastrarthas', the great scholars, universities, college, schools, Madarsas and Pathshalas and Guru Shishya traditions, the epics, famous literary works, languages and dialects, journalistic traditions- newspapers and magazine, and famous libraries.

Discover the social and cultural fabric- Organization of sacred complex and social spaces, the cultural pluristic, linguistic and ethnic groups. Discover the city of poverty, disparity, slums, beggars, widows, criminals, and also the city of affluence, intellectuals, oral traditions, castes and customs, personalities, professions, communal harmony and `riots'. Discover the rural Varanasi. And finally (and with deep insight) peep into, the pleasures of Pans, Thandai, Gamcha, Bahri Alang and Maui Masti.

The City of Music and Drama and Entertainment- Banaras has been famous for its Music both vocal instrumental, it has its own dance tradition. Add to this a very rich stock of folk Music and drama (esp. Ramlila), the tradition Musical soirees, fairs and festival the rich tradition of Akharas, games and sports. Add to this classical Banaras Transport vehicles like Ekka and Modern Traffic Jam.

Industrial City- Discover the fast developing city of heavy, light and cottage industries, local handicrafts and other small scale industrial units. ( DLW, BHEL, Electric, Cycle, Paper, Glass, Fertilizer etc.)

Medical World of Varanasi- Discover the ancient College of Plastic Surgery, Sushruta, Dhanvantri (God of Medicine), Divdas, and practice of all the ancient and modern systems of medicines.