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The main objectives of this project is to  -

  • Develop and implement a Geographical Information System to improve the efficiency of managing the water and waste water assets of JKV/VNN. 
  • Develop and Implement a robust Management Information System integrated with the GIS for better Decision Support for the planning, implementing, managing the development and maintenance activities and improve the quality of Service Delivery to citizens of Varanasi.

The Specific Objectives are:

  • Development of GIS based Water & Waste Water Utility Asset registry system through mapping of the assets for water and wastewater utilities in the Varanasi City area, survey of utility point assets using GPS/ DGPS and integration of secondary source maps on water and sewerage systems.
  • Preparation of geo-referenced consumer database through GPS/ DGPS based water and wastewater consumers covering legal and illegal connections including their GIS integration.
  • Development of Property Tax Database using geo-referenced High-Resolution Satellite image through DGPS survey, household survey.
  • Development of Web / Mobile based Billing & Collection applications.
  • Development of VNN website using Content Management System

The system is intended to facilitate increased efficiency in: 

  • Visualization of the water/ wastewater infrastructure in map form for more efficient operation and maintenance of the utilities
  • Consumer mapping/ indexing
  • Visualization of key indicators in map form like bills outstanding, high value consumers, replacement requirements etc.